The path toward parnassah

Interest-free loans to help frum men and women learn a trade, start a business, or get a postgraduate degree.

Which one describes you?

I am ambitious.

I’ve got big goals, and I know I’ve got what it takes to make it happen. But I know ambition alone isn’t always enough.

I need a substantial loan to get started.

I am ready.

I want to begin earning a living, but I’m unsure how to go about it. Parnassah is important, and I want to do this right.

I need support and clarity on how to proceed in this big step.


You’ve come to the right place.

At the Detroit Economic Gemach,
we focus on YOU.


YOUR potential.


YOUR parnassah.


YOUR preferences.

Whether you need encouragement and support for your next step –
or just a cash boost to get you there ..

You’ve found yourself a partner.

Here’s why you’ll like working with us:


No one likes red tape.
We get it.

That’s why our loan application process is simple and feasible. If you’re all in, we will make it happen – minus the headache.


Not every big project can wait for slow wheels to turn.
You do yours, and we will ensure a quick turnaround – so your big day can come sooner.


Whatever your next step is, we want you to get there.
We’ll help move the process along and be there as you implement each step toward your business or education goal.

Face your next step with confidence.
Support your family with dignity.
Follow your dreams with support.


You need a loan.

You don’t need:


Crippling interest payments

Bureaucratic, drawn-out loan processes
Vague or unfeasible payment terms
Personal information spread to the community

What can a loan do for YOU?

Here are some ideas:


Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis

Total Cost:


Max Loan:



Electrical Technician

Total Cost:


Max Loan:



Amazon Delivery

Total Cost:


Max Loan:




Master’s in Accounting

Total Cost:


Max Loan:



If you’re all in, we’ll help you get there.
What’s in your future?

Master's in speech-language pathology ..... Get a $20k loan
Master's of Social Work ..... Get a $13k loan
Master's in Education ..... Get a $20k loan
Healthcare Cybersecurity Certificate .....Get an $11k loan
Become a HVAC technician .....Get a $10k loan
Become an auto technician .....Get a $9k loan
Learn medical billing and coding .....Get a $9k loan
Become a paramedic .....Get a $4k loan
Open a franchise business .....Get a $2k - $18k loan

Have something else in mind?
Let’s make it happen.

Get in touch – and we will ensure a smooth, private, and supportive loan application process


Your financial success awaits!