Building a community from within

The Detroit Gemach was founded on a simple belief:
Every frum person deserves to earn a living with dignity.

We know that a proper Parnassah opens many doors:


The door to self-confidence


The door to self-sufficiency


The door to helping others

That’s why we’re here to help you on your path to Parnassah.

And it’s why we’ve put in place things like:


Feasible repayment terms
(no repayment until time to earn profit has elapsed)


Generous loan allowance
(for both education and startup loans)


Mentorship opportunities
(from like-minded individuals in your chosen field)

Many young men and women emerge from the frum educational process with a strong forward-leaning position toward the life ahead:


  • A proper connection to Hashem
  • A readiness to live a life of Avodah
  • A desire to teach the next generation the right path.

When it comes to earning a Parnassah, however, some individuals can be on their heels: without the clarity or conviction as to what to pursue to provide for their family.

Others may have the ambition, but lack the resources to move ahead with their goals.

That’s why we’re here.

The Detroit Economic Gemach was created to help people on an early step forward. We provide interest-free loans to help frum men and women learn a trade, start a business, or get a postgraduate degree.


To your success!